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i'm ready to go.

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gentle reminder before i go offline that you’re and you are are not the same thing in most situations. You’re is a more casual phrase that comes up in casual conversation most of the time, unless your character talks in a very proper way. Using you are in a casual conversation between two people just makes everything seem unnatural and should be avoided, unless one of the characters is getting angry and trying to emphasize a point.



                Yeah ━ 

         He replies,
         trademark smirk on his lips
         as he glances up to her face.
         Lazily, he gestures at her frame.

                ❝Damn nice show.

          She turns,
          crossing her arms over her chest.
          A slight smile follows her raised eyebrow,
          unsure if she should be flattered or offended.

               ❝Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to stare?❞

          His attire truly threw her off,
          contrasting so obviously against the other citizens,
          it was shocking no one else had noticed him yet.